Starting solids tips

by - March 22, 2018

Starting solids is undeniably one of my favorite milestones. I love watching the expressions on their tiny little faces as they experience different textures and flavors.  Now that I have successfully introduced solids to two little humans, I thought I would share a few of my secrets for a seamless transition.

1.  Start with a vegetable
With both children I introduced strained peas first. It’s packed with nutrition, contains fiber and protein which helps prevent constipation and keeps their bellies full.

2.   Skip the rice
I skipped rice cereal altogether. Rice tends to constipate. I opted for something with whole grains like oatmeal.

3. Stock up on prunes
My secret weapon. I serve up at least an ounce of strained prunes for dessert after lunch or dinner everyday.  Prunes are magical!  They have a ton of fiber and are fantastic to prevent and alleviate baby constipation especially when you are trying different foods.

4. Grab yourself the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder
I used the Munchkin mesh bags for my daughter and although she loved it, I hated it.  They were really hard to clean so I tossed them after a couple uses. With my son I discovered the Boon Pulp and we both love it. I stuff it with fresh fruits or steamed vegetables and he goes nuts. It’s like a giant lollipop but filled with good stuff. Its easy to clean, just pop the top off and wash in warm water or toss in the dishwasher.

Well, now that my secrets are out I hope you find them as useful as i did. Happy feeding!!  Until next time


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