Our week in review

by - March 25, 2018

Growth spurt pretty much sums up this week. My babies are growing. Baby bean has outgrown pretty much everything in closet and is in need of a new wardrobe. He is eating up a storm, drooling like nobody’s business, rolling, sitting on his own and has started to babble. No actual words yet but I’m pretty sure it won’t be long. 

This week I saw more of a development growth in baby peanut. Independent play is something she struggles with but completely embraced this week. My little peanut was expressive, patient, and understanding as baby bean consumed most of my time. I found myself struggling to balance my clingy baby who just wanted constant hugs and cuddles, my toddler who just wanted to play with mom, the Mr who needed a little intimacy and my own personal wants. I wish I could somehow clone myself but I can’t so my mission is to find that perfect balance if it exists. A balance where I don’t feel guilty for things I’m not doing. Until next time 


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