Affordable Baby Must Haves

by - April 18, 2018

As a new mom, I remember how overwhelmed I felt trying to figure out what exactly I needed to raise this little human that was growing inside me. My mother said just love but let’s be real, you may need a few more things to make your life easier.

The first time around, I ended up with a lot of stuff that cluttered the house and I didn’t use.  I pretty much got rid of it all. The second time around I almost got it right. So I’ve adjusted my list and I’m sharing my top affordable baby must haves with you.  These items have been tested, tried and truly amazing.

1. Graco Lounger
This lounger is magic. It’s soft, cozy and has the perfect incline. Baby Peanut had reflux and could not sleep on a flat surface  This lounger changed our lives.  When we had Baby Bean I purchased the Fisher Price Rock and Play.  Big Mistake. The incline on the Rock and Play is very steep and Baby Bean hated it. I was not able to find the Graco version anywhere in Canada and had it shipped internationally. Best decision ever.

2. Aden + Anais Swaddles
Hands down the best swaddles out there. They are soft, light, come in a bunch of cute patterns and so versatile. I still use them everyday.

3. LectroFan noise machine
Baby bean is a light sleeper and this little machine drowns out all the background noise so he can get the rest he needs.  There are 20 different sounds, gives you precise volume control, and has a built-in timer. We love this little machine.

4. Video baby monitor
Any video baby monitor is a must or you will drive yourself bonkers!! The one I currently have is discontinued which is unfortunate because it’s amazing. I'm able to keep an eye on Baby Bean while he naps, talk to him when he wakes up and ensure the room is at the right temperature. We just purchased a second camera and able link it with no issues.

5. Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer
Whoever invented this must have been a parent. Literally point, click and you’re done. I absolutely love how I'm able to take Baby Bean’s temperature without waking him.

6. Beco Gemini baby carrier
I have 6 baby carriers and this is the preferred one. That says something, doesn't it?   It's easy to put on and feels great but if I could change a couple things it would be
a) to somehow make it more compact so that it is a little more travel friendly
b) I would purchase it in a different color not black. Black picks up a lot of lint and it kind of drives me bonkers.

7.Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail
This pail keeps the stink under control. Make sure to change the filter often and use the original bags. We purchased 2 of these when we had Baby Peanut and we’re still using them. Good investment!

8. Bright Stars Bouncer
Baby peanut was a colicky baby and I could not put her down until we discovered this little gem. We tried almost everything including the Mamaroo, nothing worked. This little bouncer was the cheapest of everything we tried and it definitely made life easier. Baby bean also loves this chair. We still use it but not as much as he is now able to sit up on his own.

And that's about it. Did your must have item make the list?  Until next time


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