Current Favorites: Toddler and Baby Board Books

by - April 22, 2018

Hi friends. In lieu of this week’s “Week in review” post I thought it would be fun to share some of our current favorite books. I started to read to both babies in utero and we still read every day. Baby peanut loves books. She’s my little bookworm and a real tough negotiator. I find myself getting roped into reading 4-5 books every night. I don’t know how she does it but honestly don't tell her, I don’t mind. It’s the calm after a busy day.

We have books on every level of the house, on numerous bookshelves but she will place her current favorites on the bookshelf beside her bed. They will stay there for probably 2-3 weeks until she gets bored of them and then they are replaced with new ones. Currently she is loving the Caroline Jayne Church illustration books. They are padded board books with the cutest illustrations. They are simple, short, sweet, rhyme and have the sweetest story line. They are so perfect for toddlers I wish I had discovered these books sooner. Another favorite is Robert Munch’s I have to Pee. This one is a classic and has been on her favorite shelf for almost a month now. It's a quirky book about a little boy who has to pee with cute sound effects. I've read this book so many times, Baby peanut has it memorized and now reads it back to me.

Baby Bean is also starting to enjoy books more but not the same ones as Baby Peanut. He loves the Jellycat If I were board books. They are sturdy, bright and interactive. He’s so curious and loves touching the different textures on each page. These were also Baby Peanut’s favorites when she was his age. Highly recommend these books especially for babies.

And that's it for now.  We are constantly reading and we love discovering new books and authors. Let us know who your favorites are. Until next time


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