Our Week in Review

by - April 30, 2018

Finally sun! After weeks of complaining the sun decided to come out and it’s definitely starting to feel alot like spring! We spent most of this week outdoors soaking in all those rays.

This week I was in awe watching Baby Peanut interact and play with other children. She is polite, outgoing, endearing and hilarious. Such a change from last year where she was more of an introvert.  The other day the neighbor's daughter shoved her during a game a tag.  The protective mom in me almost snapped but before I could, she picked herself up, looked that little girl in the eye and said ”that’s not nice”. I couldn't have been more proud.

I’m also happy to report the tantrums have stopped!  Her communication skills have improved drastically. She is able to express her wants and needs, show empathy and is absolutely a hoot. Some days we laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Toddlers really say the darnest things!

Baby Bean finally crawled on his own this week! My little man’s personality is really starting to show.  He is quirky, laid back and constantly has a smile on his face but when he wants something he definitely makes sure you know.  He is sleeping and napping much better thanks to a few unconventional changes I made.  He loves to walk except he’s not able to do it on his own yet and the floors are quite hard. My poor knees need some knee pads.

As I reflect on our week, I am excited for what is to come but I’m also wishing I could hit the pause button. I want to soak in the joy and happiness of these days just a little bit longer. I want to remember these days. I know they’ll be more days, more laughs, and more good times but those days will replace these days and I want to remember it all. I must sound crazy but meh ... Until next time


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