Month in Review: May 2018

by - June 07, 2018

The month of May was the month of firsts and my favourite month so far.

The weather cooperated and we finally took our first family bike ride. We haven’t been on bikes for years and boy, it is a lot harder than I remember. The kids loved the trailer and the Mr lost a pedal and had to walk his bike back.

We celebrated mother's day as a foursome this year. We spent the day under the sun; hiking, playing in the sand, picnicking and then ended it with a family swim. Baby bean played in the sand for the first time and tried to eat it every five minutes. He loved splashing in the pool and maybe drank a little too much water.

We also took our first trip to the zoo where baby peanut was almost attacked by a peacock but despite the scare, she still managed to have a blast. We saw lots of animals and even got to pet a snake.

Our first Carnival trip also happened this month. Baby peanut loved the ferris wheel, rode on her first roller coaster solo and won her first doll. She’s growing up!

Baby bean is a crawling machine and can stand on his own. He is fast, curious and gets into almost everything. He is the complete opposite of his sister who didn't even need baby gates at this age. He’s still drooling like nobody’s business with no signs of teeth yet. He looked the Mr in the eye one night and said dada for the first time. We’re still working on mama. Maybe next month.

Baby peanut has been pretty busy this month.  She rode on her first scooter, started soccer and is slowly starting to embrace swim lessons. She loves being in the water but absolutely goes bat crazy if it gets on her face.

As I sit here and reflect on the month, I’m amazed what a little sun can do. We spent the entire month swinging, playing, laughing and enjoying every moment. I can honestly say I have learned so much about myself in the parenting process this month. I feel like the deepest parts of my soul have been uncovered and light has shone on them for the first time. I’ve come to accept the hard days are not ending anytime soon but the good days are more than enough to counteract any of the challenges I may face. Hello June we are ready for ya!! Until next time


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