Build a Baby Fall Wardrobe on a Budget

by - September 13, 2018

From left to right: Waffle pants, Bear Garter Sweater, Denim Joggers, Sherpa lined boots, Plaid Lined Vest, Stripe Henley, Plaid Bodysuit, Stripe Bodysuit, 2pack Favorites Pants, Shawl collar Sweater, 3Pack Favorite Bodysuits

My goodness, fall came by really fast this year. It literally went from summer to fall in one weekend and this mama was not prepared until now. Today I’m sharing what's in my cart at The Gap for Baby Bean and how you can build a fall wardrobe on a budget.

The key to building the best wardrobe is layers. I always start with essentials. I love the The Gap Favorites 3pack cotton body suits  and 2pack matching pants. They are soft, comfy and layer easily.

Then I layer in a few fashion pieces. I love to layer in new silhouettes, patterns, textures and touch of color for balance and interest.  My favorite piece out of the bunch is the Long Sleeve Plaid body suit.  It just screams fall.

I then top it off with a few outer pieces. I’m loving the sweater assortment this year at The Gap but my favorite two are the Stripe Shawl Collar Sweater and the Bear Garter Hoodie Sweater. They are so versatile and will work with almost every outfit. I’ve also added the Plaid Lined Toggle Vest into my cart as well as we will be spending a lot of time outdoors this fall. The vest not only looks stylish but will allow me to add another layer of warmth without adding bulk to his arms.

Lastly, I always finish off with some new kicks!! I love the Leather Sherpa Lined Boots. Not only do they look absolutely adorable but they are practical and will keep Baby Bean’s toes nice and toasty!

And that’s it my friends.  11 pieces and countless ways to wear them. See below for a few of my favorites.

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