Current Favorites: 7 favorite morning reads

by - September 10, 2018

My favorite part of the morning is spent snuggling with my little man with a stack of books. Baby Bean absolutely loves to read now which hasn’t always been the story. He went from only being able to sit through 1 book to now sitting through a whole stack. I find he is more interested in reading when we do it in the morning. Most days we read for a good 45 minutes. 

He’s still very much into the touch and feel books but now loves interactive & sound books. Right now he’s loving the following:

These two are probably his favorite touch and feel books at the moment. They are also great look and find starter books. (similar to Where’s Waldo).  He loves to find the little mouse/ George on every page. I love watching his little eyes scan each page then light up when he spots the mouse/George.

These books keep him engaged by allowing him to pull tabs, slide & see and activate different parts of the book. It’s pretty much a toy built inside a book. I love watching his coordination skills improve. 

Wiggle and Wave Farm Animal 
This is a fairly new favorite and his first puppet book. His face lights up every time the duck puppet wiggles and waves (then tries to eat it). Lol it’s quite entertaining to watch. 

These two are hands down his favorites out of the bunch. He has me read both books at least 3 times back to back. He loves the funny noises and so do I. One of the joys of reading picture books aloud is all the funny noises I get to make while telling the story. 

And that’s it for now. As long as he’s interested. I’ll keep reading. Until next time


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