Baby bean 14 month update

by - October 19, 2018

cute baby boy lying in a pile of leaves

Oh where does time go. I swear he was just a newborn last week. It’s true, it goes by fast but it goes by really fast the second time around.

Baby Bean has grown so much, I can’t believe my eyes. My little man is starting to become his own. That sweet baby scent is slowly fading away, those chubby thighs are thinning out and he’s slowly looking less baby more toddler especially now that he’s no longer toothless!! Like a trooper, he grew all four of his front teeth at once last month and working on the next four right now.

Although Baby Bean is my second, he’s the complete opposite of his sister and things are definitely different. He’s very curious and gets into absolutely everything. The entire house is gated. He loves to climb; books, chairs, toys, humans ... everything and anything. What I love most, is how the simplest things bring him so much joy. He loves looking for birds and planes in the sky, gives the sloppiest but sweetest open mouth kiss, his face lights up when he gives you a high five, laughs at the perfect time, obsessed with sticks and rocks, can spot an iPhone charger wire in the dark, loves to wake his sister up and knock her block towers down, can listen to you read for hours, squeezes himself into the smallest spaces and I don’t know why but absolutely loves playing in the bathroom. These are the things I never want to forget.

The one thing I don’t mind forgetting is the regression. The 14th month regression is real my friends. My quiet, laid back baby transformed and became loud, aggressive, stopped eating, whined constantly, cried constantly, did not sleep well and was super clingy. Our days were loooooonnnngggg and our nights were even longer but like all things, it passed. Even in the worst moments, i still love being a parent because all the good outshine the bad. Am I right?? Until next time


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