Just the two of us in Banff +
Top things to do

by - November 10, 2018

top things to do in Banff

I love travelling during the month of November not only because it’s my anniversary month but because it’s not a common time to travel; thus no crowds.

Banff is a magical place, the Mr and I had an amazing romantic weekend without the kids. Yup, we took date night to the next level! I was so torn about leaving the kids, I almost cancelled the trip like 10 times but I am so glad I didn’t. As much as I love and adore the little humans the Mr and I made, sometimes just sometimes, I miss the days when it was just the two of us. The days where we got to sleep in, not have to worry about night feeds or wiping butts and just focus on each other.

couple hugging in Banff

Banff was exactly what we needed. There is so much to do, so much to see and if you’re just popping in for short stay, here are my favorite things to do and see.


We stayed at The Moose Hotel & Suites and highly recommend it.

woman standing outside hotel in the winter

You can’t beat the the location, ambiance, amenities and view this hotel offers. It’s located right downtown with an amazing view of the mountains. We stayed in a suite that had a separate living room, fireplace, and a small kitchen. I absolutely loved the room as it had more of a cozy cabin vibe. The real wood burning fireplace in the lobby really added to the ambiance. This hotel also has a huge outdoor rooftop hot tub with breathtaking views of the mountains.

girl  in robe looking at view of banff

Watching the sun rise through the mountains was absolutely gorgeous and because it’s November we pretty much had the entire roof top to ourselves. BONUS!!


1-The gondola ride

view of the scenic cable car ride in banff

Take the scenic cable car ride to the viewing decks & hiking trails. The view is breathtaking and the ride is just as memorable! Warning!! The ride is not for the weak at heart during the winter months. There are also two restaurants at the top but they were both closed during our trip. Don’t leave this excursion until the last day as weather conditions change drastically. I highly recommend doing this excursion mid day during the month of November and drive don’t take the shuttle as the parking lot was pretty empty.

2-Lake Minnewanka scenic drive

view on Lake Minnewanka scenic drive

Hands down the best surprise and Banff’s best kept secret. The receptionist at the hotel recommended this drive to us. We did it on our last day on the way back to the airport. The drive was extremely scenic with stunning views. I was in absolutely awe the entire drive. We wanted to spend more time here but ran out of time and literally almost missed our flight back home. Definitely allocate more time here. The roads are paved with areas for you to pull over and take a break, take a picture, or just enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

3-Lake Louise

view of lake loiuse in the winter

Pack a picnic, grab your skates and drive out to Lake Louise. This place is magical with soaring mountains as a backdrop. The hiking trails wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House and trust me every view is a postcard. If hiking is not your thing, slap on some skates and skate on the frozen lake.


-grab your rental car at the airport. It’s so convenient. Make sure to upgrade and get a vehicle with winter tires. You don’t know what the weather conditions will be like on the drive up

-have them fill the tank back up. Best option ever!! There is no gas stations near the airport so you will have to make a detour to fill the tank back up. Skip the hassle and have them do it

-there are plenty of paved shoulder spots for you to pull over along the drive. Do not attempt to drive and take pictures. Stay safe. Pull over and grab the shot or just enjoy the view

girl standing outside canmore starbucks

-if you are a coffee junkie like myself, make sure to stop in Canmore and grab your cup of joe before making your way into Banff. I did not see any other place to stop

-make sure you grab a bite to eat in Lake Louis or have snacks pack for the drive back to Banff. There are no rest stops or places to eat until you get into Banff

-we grabbed a bottle of wine from the liquor store and a few snacks from the IGA down the road. It was a nice way to unwind every night in front of the fireplace instead of going out

-if you are looking for short, easy going hike I recommend the Johnston Canyon. You don’t need cleats and there’s lots to see.

Oh Banff, you are so beautiful I can’t wait to see you again. If you’re headed out to Banff I’m jealous!!! Safe travels and enjoy. Until next time


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