Month in Review: October 2018

by - November 02, 2018

cup of coffee on a fall day
Oh October I’m not ready for you to end. After such an amazing summer, I had forgotten how much I love fall. There’s something about waking up to that cool crisp air, watching the trees change color that is so refreshing and exactly what we needed.

This month I felt like we checked everything off our fall bucket list. We kicked off the month with apple picking. Hands down our new favorite fall activity.
little boy apple picking
little girl holding up apples
As I watched the kids run aisle to aisle with apples in their arms and the biggest smiles on their faces, I thought to myself, why haven’t we done this before? It was truly a magical day filled with muddy boots, dirty clothes, full bellies, lots of laughs and with a whole lot of memories. You can read all about it over here.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving with two turkey dinners this year. The Mr. roasted his first turkey and it was absolutely delicious. I am so thankful and blessed to be surrounded with family and friends that make life better. 

By mid month we had enough leaves in the yard to rake up. We spent countless afternoons playing in them and if we weren’t we were at the park. The park is so much more enjoyable in the fall. The fresh air, the slide doesn’t burn our bums and to be honest we weren’t sweating buckets!!
family playing in leaves
boy and girl playing in fall leaves
little girl lying in leaves happy
We also checked the pumpkin patch off our list this month. It was a lot colder than I had planned for. The open field made it impossible to hide from the wind. We played, we drank hot apple cider, ate fruit tarts, picked out pumpkins and came home with smiles & runny noses.
little girl in pumpkin patch picking pumpkin
little boy standing beside big pumpkins
family sitting on red tractor
Lastly like all Octobers, we ended it with Halloween. Baby Peanut was super excited about trick-or-treating, she was bouncing off the walls all day. The rain stopped a few hours before the kids went out. They filled their buckets with candy and came home with smiles. Unfortunately, all I have are blurry photos of this night. My iPhone camera lens was dirty 😭😭. Boo!

Although I’m a little sad October has come to an end, i know this holiday season will be magical. Baby peanut is finally at that age where she is able to participate and understand the festivities. It will be a challenge keeping Baby Bean away from the Christmas tree but it’s a challenge I’m ready to tackle!! Until next time


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