Our mini getaway to Niagara Falls
+ top things to do with kids

by - November 28, 2018

boy sitting in front of niagara falls

Last week we packed our bags and headed to Niagara Falls for a few days. It’s been a couple years since my last visit as it does not come top of mind when thinking of kid friendly destinations. Boy, was I wrong!! There is so much to do, so much to see and if you’re just popping in for short stay, here are my favorite things to do and see with kids.


We stayed at the Sheraton On the Falls and highly recommend it. You can’t beat the location, amenities and view this hotel offers. It is centrally located with an amazing view of the falls. 

boy looking out the at the niagara falls at the sheraton hotel

Everything you need is literally at your door. We pretty much never left the hotel. Everything we wanted to do or see was connected to the hotel. We stayed in a standard room with two queen beds and will probably opt for a suite upgrade the next time around. This way the Mr & I will be able to unwind comfortably while the kids are sleeping. 


little girl at clifton hill

Stroll along Clifton Hill. The street is full of different attractions, shops and goodies. There’s something for everyone on this street. I highly recommend the Niagara Skywheel. It’s the largest Ferris wheel with the best views of Niagara Falls. It’s enclosed, heated and safe for even babies.

view from the Niagara Skywheel

The kids also enjoyed walking through Dinosaur Adventure Golf and probably spent the most time at The Great Canadian Midway playing arcade games and winning tickets! Thank you to the lovely couple who gave Baby Peanut their tickets so that she could get a bigger prize. 

2-Walk the Falls

niagara falls in the winter

The Niagara Falls is absolutely gorgeous. We did the walk at dusk and it was magical to see it all lit up. 

little girl walking through the winter festival of lights in niagara falls

During the winter months The Winter Festival of lights is on. It is an 8km route with glowing light displays that transform the city into a winter wonderland. We had attempted to drive the stretch but Baby Bean really hates sitting in his car seat and protested so we walked the first little bit and saw the rest of it from our room. 

little boy at the fallsview water park

Three acres of fun! This was the main reason for our trip to Niagara. Although, we love the cooler weather & the snow the kids have really been missing our warm pool days. This Waterpark hit the spot. They swam in the wave pool, splashed in the sprinklers, zipped down crazy slides and came back to the room pooped. 

excited little boy at the fallsview waterpark

mom and son sliding down water slide at the fallsview waterpark

little girl splashing at the fallsview waterpark

There is something for everyone here. Baby Bean and I spent most of the time splashing in the designated tiny tots zone where the water was warmer while Baby Peanut and the Mr were zipping down slides at the Beach hut. 


We dined at a few places during our stay but our favorite place for breakfast was the Fallsview Buffet. It’s conveniently located right in the hotel. We rolled out of bed and went up in our jammies for a nice hot spread while enjoying the beautiful view of the falls. 

For lunch it was Swiss Chalet Delivery. We had it delivered to the room after the Waterpark and the kids devoured it. They were fast and food was piping hot. 

For dinner, hands down The Rain Forest Cafe

family at rain forest cafe

The restaurant is connected to the hotel so we did not have to travel very far. This was the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy a piping hot meal at the same time as everyone else! There’s lots to see: giant fish tanks with tropical fishes, animatronic gorillas and elephants, twinkling stars, butterflies, parrots and thunderstorms happen every 30 minutes. The food was delicious and most importantly the kids were entertained the entire time!! I honestly would go back there for every meal next time.


-if you are planning to visit the Waterpark I highly recommend you stay at the Sheraton. It is so convenient especially when you have little ones. Leave the winter jackets and clunky boots in your room. Grab a bag, put a cover up or robe on top of your bathing suit and make your way down to the park. The Waterpark is connected to the hotel and you are indoors the entire walk

-lockers are available at the Waterpark but we did not need one. Toss your shoes into a bag and leave it on one of the beach chairs and you are good to go

-you do not need to bring your own towels as towels are provided 

-bring a few $$ with you for snacks and drinks inside the Waterpark. You can even have lunch inside if you wanted. The kids were exhausted and we opted for delivery in our room instead 

-if you don’t book a Waterpark package with the hotel you can buy discounted Fallsview Indoor Waterpark passes at Costco 

-choose valet. Let them park your car. If you need your car it only takes them 10 minutes to bring it out

-Get a room with a view. I enjoyed waking up to the beautiful sunset in the mornings and the kids enjoyed watching the fireworks at night. (they do not have fireworks every night, i suggest you check online for dates)

fireworks at niagara falls

We had an amazing time in Niagara and can’t wait to go back. If you missed our trip highlights, I've pinned them to the top of my Instagram page HERE. Until next time


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