Buy or Bye: The Ocean Adventure Personalized Book

by - January 18, 2019

cozy winter picture with book and stuffed animal
It’s no secret, we love books and am constantly adding to our library. One of my favorite ways to update our library is through the books of Christmas. I wrap up a bunch of new books and we open one up every night until Christmas. You can do 7, 12 or even 24 days and is such a fun way to refresh your library for the new year. One of the first books we opened was United Letter’s The Ocean Adventure and it was a hit!! Trust me, not all books were hits this year.
stuffed animal holding a book
The Ocean Adventure book is a personalized book I created just for Baby Peanut. Not only can you add your child’s name to the book but you can select the character that best resembles your child for a more personalized experience.

The book takes you on an underwater adventure exploring the magic of the ocean while teaching the importance of keeping the ocean clean. Every page is filled with vibrant watercolor illustrations that brings the ocean alive and remind you of its beauty.

We have been loving this book as a family and have been reading it non-stop. My one year old loves it as much as my three year old which is quite rare!! I love how the pages are cardstock so that they can turn the pages without ripping the book.

If you haven’t already guessed, this book is an absolute BUY!! Its perfect for every occasion and every book sold supports the Coral Restoration Foundation. It’s a win win!! Personalize your own book here.  Until next time


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